Eyebrow transplantation by the GHO-FM method

By the method of hair and other hair transplantation, the GHO - FM we are able to deal with a situation which, for various reasons, resulted in the loss of eyebrows. Whether it was an accident, illness or persistent pursuit of its "thin design", the situation can be solved by complementing the existing vegetation by grafts from the scalp or, in indicated cases, by grafts from the body. Our method using a sampling needle with a diameter of 0.60 mm / or sometimes even 0.55 mm / is very friendly to both the donor and the recipient areas. It leaves no visible scars. Furthermore, the resulting effect in both the donor and the recipient areas appears very natural. The optimal number of grafts per eyebrow / one side / is from 70 to 220 grafts.

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PANACEA HAIR CLINIC presents Revitastem HAIR a unique nutritional supplement

ObrázekHair stimulator Revitastem HAIR is a unique dietary supplement in liquid form - drops. Tissue hydrolysates act as bioactive substances (eg amino acids, peptide complexes and growth factors). They show a strong regenerative and stimulating effect on hair follicles and scalp. This dietary supplement is not suitable for children under 3 years of age and is not a substitute for a varied diet. It cannot be used as a replacement therapy for medicines. Hair stimulator contains hydrolysates inhibiting the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase that converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is associated with the hair loss especially in men, but also in 40% of cases of female alopecia, hydralysates inhibit the transport of DHT to the hair follicles, supporting the hair growth, the access of nutrients to the hair roots and scalp. Hydrolysates prove a positive effect on the quality, strength, and thus the appearance of hair and significantly enhance the healing process of the skin after hair transplant. They are also suitable for a conservative long-term supportive therapy in the event of hair loss. More about Revitastem HAIR.