3rd phase - the implantation of grafts into the prepared beds

As already mentioned in the second stage, fragments are stored in a special solution, which is concocted to maintain tissue vitality - antioxidants, glucose, vitamins and a special amino acid nutrition for follicles. The temperature of the extracted grafts is also important. Containers with them are kept in a refrigerator at 4 ° C.

The solution supports subsequent survival and healing of the grafts. Ideal regeneration is in combination with hair ultrafiltrates during 1-2 months after surgery. The period of healing and growth phase are then accelerated very significantly.

Grafts are inserted into prepared openings one by one. Care should be taken in handling them.They must be caught at their ends, thus minimizing tissue trauma. Also, the direcion of their growth must be strictly followed to ensure the resulting effect being as natural as possible. This part of the procedure is usually quicker than graft extraction. After the implantation of grafts is finished, all recipient area is checked, photographed and splashed with a special solution of plasma and amino acids to accelerate regeneration. No dressing is used, it is not necessary. We recommend leave your head without cover for one day after surgery. You can wear a hard cap with a brim (baseball cap type) as loosely as possible . In any case, a wool or adhesive cap shouldn´t be worn as the grafts could be pulled out or cause minor bleeding. See More. postoperative information.

After surgery the patient gets the recipe for antibiotics in ointments and tablets which have to be necessarily taken for five days to avoid possible infection from the external environment. After a final inspection, the client is guided to the patient room to relax. After another 10 to 15 minutes the patient can slowly dress and, accompanied by a receptionist, pick up his car in the garage and leave or have himself driven off anywhere needed in Prague. If the patient decides to stay another day, no problem, you just have to arrange with our receptionist. If possible, the client is recommended to leave the clinic one day after the surgery but it's up to you and your arrangements with the reception. If possible, the client should ideally undergo a biostimulation laser treatment the day after surgery. It accelerates healing and prevents inflammation. You can buy your own device, HairLux a device developed and recommended in our clinic. It can be used later as a precaution against further development of alopecia or as a skin protecting anti-inflammatory agent.