Case studies

Jack (age 52)

An active businessman,  he's been suffering from hair loss for about 16 years. He excluded older transplantion methods, because of the scars they leave. It was clear upfront that this would be a long run - at least 2 200 grafts. More about the course of treatment.

Frank (age 32)

Frank is a young active spotsman used to wearing short haircut.More about the course of treatment.

Charles (age 38)

A bigorous man, businessman and athlete. He didn´t want to put up with a classic bald head. His advatages - enough own hair, patience and money. More about the course of treatment.

George (age 26)

Alopecia and unusually receding hairline on central forehead have troubled George since the age of 20. Our aim was to alleviate alopecia and the receding hairline on forehead. Our estimation: 650 grafts but George felt only about 500. Finally, we compromised on 580 grafts. More about the course of treatment.

James (age 45)

underwent a hair transplant by the Strip method more than ten years ago. James likes wearing a shorter haircut, which unfortunately shows a visible scar that formed after the surgery. It has gradually spread, and James decided to cover the scar with his own hair by means of our method. After the initial consultation, we decided to perform the treatment with several stages, because the structure of a scar tissue is different from the rest of the skin and the blood supply is not adequate. The grafts cannot be implanted in their normal density, as the newly implanted grafts would "steal" nutrition to each other in the first days and would survive in a much smaller number. More about the course of treatment.