The course of transplantation

After a personal or an email consultation with an expert, the preoperative examination and the implementation of further necessary tasks prior to the surgery itself, came the "D-Day. " The entire procedure is performed in a very light, local anesthesia. The patient doesn´t feel pain except for a few moments of the application of anesthesia. GHO-FM transplantation method is very respectful to the patient. The period of healing is approximately 4-7 days. During this period, you should avoid physical exertion and exposure to excessive sunlight and heat. After a week, the patient is capable of all working and social activities. After two weeks, the patient can do sports. Post-operative checks aren´t necessary, but we are happy when we can evaluate the results together with the client after one, three and six months following the transplantation.

GHO-FM method is much gentler for the patient than older types of transplants. The GHO-FM method doesn´t use a scalpel.

  • In the first stage, individual grafts are extracted one by one with a specially developed needle with a diameter of 0.60 to 0.65 mm from the donor areaon the neck.
  • In the second stage, the grafts are implanted into ready prepared miniature openings in the recipient area (eg temples,top of head, etc.). To create these openings, a needle of the same size is used as by the collection.

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To prevent any possible postoperative complications, the client receives detailed instructions from us before the procedure about what to avoid before and after treatment for at least thefirst two weeks. Most clients consistently comply with our recommendations and we can proudly claim that since the clinic was founded, our clients haven´t experienced any postoperative infections!