HairLux hair stimulator

A breakthrough in the field of hair biology and the healing processes.

ObrázekHairLux hair stimulator is a low-energy biostimulation laser, which, based on previous experience with other LLLT devices (Low Level Laser Therapy), wasdeveloped by our clinic. In addition to a biostimulation laser appealing the mitochondria of the hair cells, it also includes inbuilt emitters of infrared stimulus rays and micro-electric stimulating pulses. Infrared rays have anti-inflammatory effects. Micro-electric stimulus pulses then help open transport channels in cell membranes and allow the penetration of topical skin preparations through your skin.

Such a combination of 3-in-1 currently has no comparable biostimulation laser !Getting a HairLux biostimulation laser - laser comb, means a lump sum invested into a technologically advanced and stylish-looking device. You can use it anytime and anywhere you want, even while watching TV. And it's as easy as combing hair! 

Modern science has proven that hair ages the same as the skin. They can lose elasticity, luster, can break up, split up, fall out and stop growing. Hope in the fight against hair loss and the desire for a lasting healthy hair growth with the use of scientific knowledge has proven to be a so-called photo-bio stimulation, a method which in other areas of medicine has been used worldwide for more than 30 years. The device provides a level of the laser phototherapy – finely stimulating and nourishing light. It is portable, accessible, practical, and it is very easy to use.

Tthe phototherapy is based on low-performance, so-called cold lasers (LLLT - Low Level Laser Therapy).

But HairLux offered and developed by our clinic has in addition to the laser two other functions. The cells of the hair follicle apparatus are affected on three levels:

  1. the influence of infrared radiation activates cell metabolism, thus strongly supports its anti-inflammatory effects
  2. impulses – micro-electric discharges stimulate skin cells and open microchannels to facilitate the transfer of particles from and to cells, thus helping to spread the blood capillaries
  3. laser light increases blood supply and most significantly stimulates the mitochondria (ATP, Adenosine triphosphate - a high activation energy) in the blood cells and germ cells of hair follicles. This way, it delivers up to 20 times more oxygen to the cells!

All at once, at a time, completely painless!


  • Therefore, we strongly recommend HairLux laser comb to our clients not only after hair transplantation, but also along with other options of a comprehensive hair and scalp care, which we offer at our clinic.
  • Experience the benefits of using the HairLux Laser Comb device yourself:
  • High customer satisfaction is paramount - the results achieved during the first five months of use have satisfied more than 90% of all HairLux users!
  • positive effects of laser phototherapy for men and women ( since the age of 12)
  • comfortable treatment in the privacy of your home, without having to visit the clinic very easy to use - for optimal results only 10-15 minutes, three to five times a week!
  • certified and absolutely safe, proven efficacy - clinical trials (miniaturization of an internationally used technology of laser therapy)
  • lightweight, ergonomic design - designed to fit into the hands
  • no negative side effects - a painless and non-toxic therapy
  • growth of new hair from the dormant follicles where they are still follicles retained in the skin 
  • substantial reduction of hair loss, some users experienced an initial increase in telogenic (= resting phase of hair follicles) hair loss following the start of treatment, the overpowering of this period was followed by an anagen (= active phase of hair follicle) growth
  • an increased rate of hair growth (eg after transplantation or irradiation)
  • no permanent spending - a one-time investment of 4 600 CZK
  • you will get stronger, shinier and healthier-looking hair!